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4 benchmarks for engineering success, upcoming scheduled maintenance, and more

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2020 DevOps Trends: Second annual data-driven CI report

It’s that time of year again. Sure, the holiday season, but it’s also the time of year we publish our annual metrics report.

At CircleCI, we have unique data on how software delivery teams are performing. This year, based on more than 55 million data points from 44,000 organizations, we set the first-ever benchmarks for teams practicing continuous integration and deployment. These metrics can guide engineering teams in making smarter decisions around CI/CD.

Data-Backed Benchmarks for Engineering Teams

While we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, the patterns we’ve observed on our platform, especially the data points from top delivery teams, serve as key benchmarks for setting meaningful goals. With real delivery data, we can see how teams are building and deploying software in practice. What do high performing engineering teams look like, quantitatively, and how does your team measure up?

Our 2020 State of Software Delivery report found that high performing teams consistently align with these four benchmarks:

  • Throughput: the number of workflow runs matters less than being at a deploy-ready state most or all of the time
  • Duration: teams want to aim for workflow durations in the range of five to ten minutes
  • Mean Time to Recovery: teams should aim to recover from any failed runs by fixing or reverting in under an hour
  • Success Rate: success rates above 90% should be your standard for the default branch of an application

Software delivery trends in a challenging year

To say that 2020 has been an anomalous year would be an understatement. But the singularity of 2020 is one reason why this year’s report is particularly valuable.

Our analysis uncovered trends in engineering team performance during the peak of global economic uncertainty and collective anxiety. Using this insight, we provide recommendations for how technical leaders can set their teams up for success.

The highest performing teams using CircleCI deployed workflows more than 35 times per day.

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For example, building larger teams can help prevent individual burnout during this challenging period. Bigger teams are more flexible and can tackle new feature development, support healthy maintenance, and handle urgent issues without being swamped.

Despite the challenges of 2020, thousands of engineering teams around the world improved their software delivery metrics compared to last year. Read the report to find out if your team’s CI/CD practices are built for success.

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SSH key support for accessing third party services

Add any combination of SSH key cipher and encoding, including ed25519 cipher and openssh encoding.

Keys are not restricted to PEM encoding, and can be added to check out code from a VCS, or run processes that access third party services.

Read SSH key docs.

View network transfer and storage usage

You can now see a granular view of your network transfer and storage usage on the Plan Usage page. Storage consists of your stored artifacts, workspaces and caches, and network captures your data transfers. Read our docs to learn how to optimize your network and storage usage for maximum efficiency.

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From our team to yours: Have a safe and joyful holiday season! ☃️

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