To best support the individual needs of our customers, CircleCI provides simple integration solutions for a variety of cloud providers. For our customers using Google Cloud Platform (GCP), we have just released a suite of integrations to help users enable fully supported end-to-end testing. We designed these integrations with speed, flexibility, security, and scalability in mind, to help support teams with a variety of use-cases.

For teams looking to get started with Google Cloud, we have a set of out-of-the-box integrations with a faster spin up time than our competitors. With these orbs, you can easily install and configure the Google Cloud command line interface (CLI), deploy to Google Kubernetes Engine, or store images in Google Container Registry - all by adding just a few lines of code to your config.

For more complex use cases, developers can find themselves limited by the time investment required to integrate with new tools. This is especially true for new architectures - like Google Cloud Run, which requires teams to build advanced integrations to set up automated deployment. Instead of dealing with complicated infrastructure, orbs help teams focus on their most important work by providing a fully supported serverless model for tools like Google Cloud Run, and by easily connecting their CI/CD pipeline with modern technologies like Google Binary Authorization.

Check out our latest GCP orbs to help integrate GCP services with your CI/CD pipeline:

Google Cloud Platform orbs

Google Cloud CLI
Install and configure the Google Cloud CLI (gcloud)

Google Cloud GKE
Create clusters, build and publish Docker images, and roll the image out to a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) cluster.

Google Cloud GCR
Build, push, and tag images on Google Container Registry (GCR).

Google Cloud Run
Build and deploy stateless images to Google Cloud Run as serverless applications.

GCP Binary Authorization
Configure Google’s Binary Authorization service to sign and certify container images for deployment.

What you can do:

Is there something else that you would like to do with GCP that isn’t available from an orb? Orbs are open source, so adding functionality to an existing orb is just a matter of getting your PR approved and merged. Check out all of the available orbs in the orbs registry. Do you have a use case that you feel stands apart from the current set of GCP orbs? You can author an orb yourself and contribute it to the community. We’ve even published best practices for creating automated build, test, and deploy pipelines for orbs (part 1 and part 2) to help you along your way.

Start building on CircleCI with GCP orbs.