At CircleCI, we’ve always been committed to hiring the best people where we find them. From the start, we’ve been a distributed engineering team and we pride ourselves on continuing to be globally distributed. Our engineers are now spread between San Francisco and Tokyo, across 4 continents, and with three oceans and 17 hours time difference between them. We’re planning to grow our engineering organization even further this year, and decided to focus a large part of our expansion in one region specifically: Europe.

Why Europe?

We want to ensure to grow our organization sustainably. A huge factor of this growth is to address the challenges that time zones bring for us. In the past, we’ve had teams spread across the globe, which created difficulties within teams, as well as in cross-team collaboration. Limiting the time zone spread within each team, and adding more engineers between our Japanese and American time zones will help us make daily collaboration, communication, as well as socialising, easier.

Additionally, European cities like London, Dublin, and Berlin are lively tech hubs with vibrant communities, there are also thriving smaller tech communities outside of those big, well-known cities. There are lots of great engineers here, and bringing on more Europe-based talent gives us a great opportunity to enrich our engineering culture with folks who bring different perspectives and backgrounds to our teams. As a company building a product used across the globe, we believe that we need different viewpoints to make sure our users’ perspectives and needs are represented in our organization, and to build adequate solutions to all the challenges our users are facing.

Growing sustainably

We’re interested and invested in hiring people who want to be with us in the long term, and who want to grow together with us. We’ve worked hard to be able to bring new team members on as full-time employees; Ireland, the U.K. and Germany are the countries where we can currently do that, and we’ll be expanding that list in the future.

While we’ve been a distributed organization with a strong European presence since the beginning, last year we brought on our first engineering director in Europe (that’s me!). Having this level of representation and understanding of work culture here has put us into a position where we can learn and evolve in our hiring practices to be more culturally inclusive. This is why we’ve spent the last weeks working with our recruiting team and our interviewers on increasing this inclusivity, discussing differences in work cultures, and adapting our processes and candidate communication accordingly, and we’re excited to continue learning as we keep growing here.

Join us!

We’re looking for curious people who are interested in collaboration and learning, and want to join us in shaping the future of software engineering, and support our internal teams, as well as the thousands of organizations using our product.

We’re currently hiring folks in Ireland, the U.K., and Germany.

We will be opening more roles for application over the next months, and look forward to your application.