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Interested in joining us at CircleCI? We’re currently expanding our team with a few specific roles:

Support Engineer

Are you empathetic to developers and love to problem-solve?

We’d love to talk if you:

> > > * Have a strong familiarity with a broad spectrum of technology stacks, including Rails, Python, PHP, Node, Java, and others. > > * Have the ability to dive into a codebase easily to discover issues. > > * Have a customer-centric and diplomatic writing style: you'll be helping customers from a wide range of backgrounds, languages, and experience levels. > > * Love talking to people and helping them solve problems. > > * Really want to assist developers in being happy and successful. > > * Have significant technical ability, with an understanding of the developer mindset, tools and culture. > > * Have the ability to fix problems that come up often so that they never happen to any customer again. >


**Do you thrive on creating a customer experience that’s visually delightful? **

If so, you’ll fit in if you have:

> > > * An aptitude in many skill sets and a hunger for learning. > > * The ability to communicate efficiently in a developer-centric environment. > > * A keen eye and a very strong sense of taste. > > * A deep understanding of web design and development best practices. > > * Work you've done for other web-based developer tools. > > * Any other interesting work you wish to share, finished or not. > > * A willingness to approach sophisticated problems. >

Product Manager

**Do you love working with a variety of teams to create the best customer experience you can? **

We’d love to talk if you:

> > > * Have deep understanding of the developer community and the supporting ecosystem. > > * Have launched developer or SaaS products or features. > > * Like the challenge of prioritizing between customer needs and business priorities. > > * Can easily communicate with developers and designers to be the voice of your customer. > > * Have an affinity for tracking metrics and utilizing them to build a better product. > > * Are passionate about open-source technologies. > > * Possess more than a passing interest in agile development methodologies. > > * Love working with customers to solve their problems. >

Our jobs page has more details about who we are and how we work together to make developers more productive. You can also read more about our belief that every developer deserves their own private office, and how we value a workplace where kindness is the norm.

If this sounds like the kind of place you’d like to work, we’d love to hear from you!