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Release 0.2.36

Please make sure that you are using the latest and before you upgrade to this release:

As part of this release we’re changing the behavior of artifacts to only serve an allowed set of content-types. This means we won’t serve .html files as text/html. This is a security risk on CircleCI Enterprise since artifacts are served on the same domain as the rest of the site – as a result, any user or malicious code used as part of your build can push a specially-crafted artifact and gain control of another user’s account.

If this is an issue, you can override this behavior by setting “Serve artifacts with unsafe content-types” in the admin console. We don’t recommend this, but we’re providing it for backwards compatibility.

This release also includes some changes to container networking. Containers now each use a /24 in the subnet by default.

If this conflicts with your private network, or if you were editing lxc-net manually in order to fix a prior conflict, you can now use CIRCLE_CONTAINERS_SUBNET and CIRCLE_CONTAINERS_SUBNET_NETMASK_LENGTH on the builders to configure those.