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Release 2.0.0

CircleCI 2.0 is a completely updated CI/CD platform that starts every run with a clean image which is automatically provisioned just-in-time for Linux jobs on the CircleCI application installed in your private cloud. The CircleCI 2.0 platform includes significant performance, stability, and reliability improvements along with first-class Docker support, Workflows (pipelines), Resource Allocation, and Contexts. The Management Console (Replicated) also includes new options for enabling 2.0 Builders and appropriate default settings.

If you have CircleCI installed you may access CircleCI 2.0 features on your current installation with no restrictions under your current agreement and support level. However, you must contact your CircleCI account representative for assistance with upgrading, to obtain migration scripts, and to receive a new license channel.

  • CircleCI 2.0.0 is only available on AWS and may be installed with Terraform or manually.
  • Teams may create a CircleCI 2.0 .circleci/config.yml file in their repositories to add new 2.0 projects incrementally while continuing to build 1.0 projects which use a circle.yml configuration file.

Documentation for the installable 2.0 application is available at CircleCI 2.0 Documentation for the following topics:

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