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Release 3.0.0

What’s New in Release 3.0.0

Server 3.0 is now generally available. The newest version of server offers the ability to scale under heavy workloads, all within your own Kubernetes cluster and private network, while still enjoying the full CircleCI cloud experience. Server 3.0 includes the latest CircleCI features, such as orbs, scheduled workflows, matrix jobs, and more. For existing customers interested in migrating from 2.19 to 3.x, contact your customer success manager. Server 3.0 will receive monthly patch releases and quarterly feature releases.

New Features
  • New UI
  • Orbs for Server
  • Pipelines
  • Config 2.1
  • API 2.0
  • Scheduled Workflows
  • Matrix Jobs
  • And much more…

Known Issues

  • No support for external data stores (Postgres, Mongo, Vault). This feature will be implemented in a future release.
  • It is currently possible for multiple organizations under the same CircleCI server account to have contexts with identical names. This should be avoided as doing so could lead to errors and unexpected behavior. This will be fixed in a future patch release.
  • CircleCI 1.0 builds are not supported. If an attempt is made to run a 1.0 build, no feedback will be available in the application to indicate the cause of the issue. If a build is run on your installation and does not show up in the CircleCI application, users should be directed to use the CircleCI CLI to validate the project configuration and get details of the possible cause of the issue.
  • CircleCI currently assigns a public load balancer for the frontend services. For some customers, their infrastructure or security groups won’t allow this. We will provide an optional internal local balancer for the frontend services in a future release.
  • Telegraf metrics collection customization is not yet available.
  • Support for GPU builders is not yet available.

To learn more about Server 3.0 installation, migration, or operations please see our documentation.

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