Build OS X apps for all Apple devices

Get the speed you need with reliable machines and pre-installed dependencies such as Fastlane, Homebrew, Node.js, and CocoaPods.

More Testing, Fewer Bugs, Better OS X Apps

The App Store review process can be long and painful. Ensure code quality and avoid bugs resulting in low star ratings and reviews. CircleCI automatically builds and tests your changes each time you push new code to your GitHub repo.

Test Your App on OS X

Running a dedicated fleet for your mobile projects can get expensive and time consuming. CircleCI manages your build environment with our dedicated infrastructure while you focus on building great OS X apps.

Automate Testing

CircleCI supports any environment that you work in and the most recent version(s) of the OS X toolchain (including Xcode 6.x). You can build with xcodebuild, xctool, CocoaPods, or git submodules.

One configuration across projects

Get faster feedback across all projects. Run OS X jobs on the same config as your Linux or Android projects to ensure consistency and monitor for issues across repos with a single tool.

Integration with Critical Tools

Seamless integration with fastlane, and out-of-the-box deployment capabilities with Crashlytics beta, hockeyapp and TestFairy, means less time configuring mobile CI/CD infrastructure and more time creating software.