Get started for free with Continuous Integration and Deployment for your Python projects.


Built for Python

When CircleCI detects a Python project, it automatically uses virtualenv and pip to create an isolated Python environment with all of the dependencies specified in your requirements.txt file. This helps ensure that your Python projects can be set up quickly and easily and that your CircleCI enviroment is configured correctly.

Intelligent test running

CircleCI intelligently determines the best way to run your tests using nosetests, tox, or Django. We also provide complete flexibility to override our inferred commands with your own custom commands via the circle.yml.

Easy continuous delivery

CircleCI makes setting up Continuous Delivery for your Python application simple and easy. We offer first-class support for deployment to platforms like Heroku, Elastic Beanstalk, and Google App Engine as well as using tools like Fabric, Ansible, Salt, and others.