Acceptable Use Policy

Last Updated: March 27, 2023

This Acceptable Use Policy (this “Policy”) describes prohibited uses of the Services offered by Circle Internet Services, Inc., dba CircleCI (“CircleCI” or “our”). This Policy supplements, and is incorporated into, CircleCI’s Software as a Service Agreement (currently published at (the “SaaS Agreement”) and CircleCI’s Software License Agreement (currently published at (the “Software License Agreement”). In the event of any conflict or inconsistency among the following documents, and, except as otherwise expressly set forth in an Order and/or signed agreement between the parties, the order of precedence shall be (1) this Policy, (2) the Saas Agreement or Software License Agreement (as applicable), and (3) the Documentation. Capitalized terms in this Policy that are not otherwise defined in this Policy have the meanings given in the SaaS Agreement.

If you violate this Policy, CircleCI may deny access, suspend, or terminate your use of the Services (or any part thereof). CircleCI’s right to suspend or terminate your use of the Services applies even if a breach is committed unintentionally or without your authorization if CircleCI believes that suspension or termination is necessary to ensure compliance with laws or to protect the rights, safety, privacy, security or property of CircleCI, its customers or third parties.

CircleCI may modify this Policy at any time by posting a revised version on the Site. By using the Services, you agree to the latest version of this Policy.

Prohibited Uses

You agree not to use, and not to encourage or allow any User to use, the Services in the following prohibited ways:

  1. Modifying, reverse-engineering, hacking or attempting to hack or otherwise discover any source code or underlying ideas or algorithms, limitations or vulnerabilities of the Services;
  2. Using the Services in a manner that is, facilitates, or otherwise encourages (a) any illegal, fraudulent, or abusive activities or (b) materially interfering with the business or activities of CircleCI or harming any of its Users;
  3. Selling, reselling, licensing, sublicensing, providing, leasing, lending, using for time-sharing or service bureau purposes, or otherwise using or allowing others to use the Services for the benefit of any third party, except as permitted by the SaaS Agreement or the Software License Agreement;
  4. Attempting to bypass or break any security mechanism of the Services, or using the Services in any other manner that poses a material security or service risk to CircleCI or any of its other users;
  5. Permitting direct or indirect access to or use of the Services for any form of excessive automated bulk activity such as spamming; inauthentic interactions, such as the creation or use of fake accounts and automated inauthentic activity; or mining or demonstrating proof-of-work or other proof by use of resources for any cryptocurrency or blockchain;
  6. Launching or facilitating, whether intentionally or unintentionally, a denial of service attack (including any actions, which effectively cause a similar result) on any of the Services, or any other conduct that, at CircleCI’s sole discretion, materially and adversely impacts the availability, reliability, or stability of the Services;
  7. Transmitting, storing, using, displaying, distributing or otherwise making available any content, data or technology that may damage, interfere with, surreptitiously intercept, or expropriate any system, program or data, including without limitation viruses, Trojan horses, bots, worms, scripting exploits, time bombs or other malicious code;
  8. Using the Services to interfere with or disrupt the integrity or performance of the Services (or their components), or to attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Services, or any related systems or networks;
  9. Using the Services for any illegal purpose or to violate, or to encourage or facilitate the violation of, any laws (including, without limitation, data protection, privacy, consumer protection, and export control laws);
  10. Copying the Services, or any part, feature, function or user interface thereof, or accessing the Services in order to build a competitive product or service;
  11. Using the Services in any manner that would result in an infringement, dilution, misappropriation or other violation of any intellectual property or proprietary rights of others, including but not limited to copyrights and rights arising from patents, trademarks and trade secrets;
  12. Using the Services to create or transmit any material or content that is, facilitates, or encourages libelous, defamatory, discriminatory, or otherwise malicious or harmful speech or acts to any person or entity, including but not limited to hate speech, and any other material or content that CircleCI reasonably believes degrades, intimidates, incites violence against, or encourages prejudicial action against anyone based on age, disability, ethnicity, gender, geographic location, national origin, race, religion, sexual orientation or other protected category;
  13. Using the Services to transmit, store, display, distribute or otherwise make available content that is defamatory, libelous, threatening, harassing, abusive, hateful, deceptive, fraudulent, obscene, indecent, harmful to minors, or otherwise objectionable;
  14. Collecting or using any Personal Data (as defined in our Privacy Policy) about Users of the Services without their permission or for any purpose other than for which that User has authorized its use; or
  15. Accessing or using the Services from a location where we are unable to provide the Services due to export control laws or economic or other sanctions laws to which we are subject.

Responsibility for Users

Users are responsible for violations of this Policy, whether by (i) yourself, (ii) anyone using the Services with your permission, or (iii) using your account on an unauthorized basis. Your use of the Services to assist another person in an activity that would violate this Policy if that activity, when performed by you, is a violation of this Policy. This Policy applies to anyone accessing or using the Services; however, each prohibition included in this Policy shall be interpreted to include, and apply to, any action directly or indirectly taken, authorized, facilitated, promoted, encouraged or permitted by a User of the Services, even if such person did not themselves violate the prohibition.

Monitoring and Enforcement

CircleCI reserves the right, but does not assume the obligation, to investigate any violation of this Policy or misuse of the Services. CircleCI may report any activity that it suspects violates any law or regulation to appropriate law enforcement officials, regulators, or other appropriate third parties. Such reporting may include disclosing applicable customer data. CircleCI also may cooperate with appropriate law enforcement agencies, regulators, or other appropriate third parties to help with the investigation and prosecution of illegal conduct by providing network and systems information related to alleged violations of this Policy.

Reporting Violations

If you become aware of any violation of this Policy, you must immediately notify CircleCI by contacting us and providing assistance as reasonably requested to stop or remedy the violation.