Container Plan

Fast. Functional. Flexible. Join thousands of teams that trust CircleCI to automate their development pipelines.

Linux Plan

The first container is free. Each additional container is $50 / month.

Need more than 16x parallelism or 64 containers? Contact us.

macOS Plan

Start with a 2-week macOS trial.



2x concurrency

Recommended for teams building 1-5 builds/day

500 max minutes/month

Community support

Recommended for 1-2 team members



5x concurrency

Recommended for teams building 5-10 builds/day

1,800 max minutes/month

Email support

Recommended for unlimited team members



7x concurrency

Recommended for teams building 10-30 builds/day

5,000 max minutes/month

Email support

Recommended for unlimited team members


Need more?

Get in touch to explore our usage-based price plan that scales with your team’s development needs.

Basic Plan Benefits

Get Started Quickly

The Basic plan is great for teams who want to get up and running quickly, without needing to configure resources.

Predictable Billing

Whether you run 100 or 10,000 builds in a month, your cost per container will always be the same.

Unlimited Repos and Users

Add projects and people to your plan, without worrying about how that will impact your cost.

“CircleCI has saved us a ton of time from maintaining our own CI, and we love the ability to both dynamically scale the number of containers and debug manually via SSH when first setting up a project. It’s a great tool.”

Calvin-French Owen
CTO/Co-founder at Segment

Peter Tilsen Portrait
“With our last CI solution, we had all the unnecessary work of hosting, configuring, and extending our own server. With CircleCI we don’t have to spend a single thought on CI infrastructure or maintenance, it’s just there and does the job.”

Peter Tilsen
CTO at Uniplaces

Brian Triplett Portrait
“CircleCI has an incredibly low barrier to get started, but grows with you as your needs get more complex.”

Brian Triplett
Director of Release Management at nCino

Steve Persch Portrait
“CircleCI makes testing simple. It’s easier than any continuous integration tool I’ve used.”

Steve Persch
Agency and Community Engineer at Pantheon

Frequently Asked Questions

The Cloud plan on Linux start with the ability to run one job at a time, at no charge. You can add additional containers to a Basic plan for $50/container/month.

Open source projects get 3 additional free containers, so you can use the power of parallelism and/or run more than one job concurrently.

If you develop for Apple-related software (e.g., you are an iOS developer), you will likely need a Cloud plan for macOS to ensure your tests run on our secure, private cloud of OS X machines.

MacOS plans start with a two-week trial with access to our macOS Growth Plan (5x concurrent jobs). At the end of your two-week trial, you may choose the plan that fits your needs best.

Most of our customers tend to use about 2-3 containers per full-time developer. Every team is different, however, and we're happy to set you up with a trial to help you figure out how many works best for you. As your team grows and/or as the speed of your build grows you can scale to any number of containers at any level of parallelism and concurrency is right for your team.

We offer a total of four free linux containers ($2,400 annual value) for open source projects. Simply keeping your project public will enable this for you!

We also offer the Seed plan free for OS X open source projects. Contact us at for access. If you are building a bigger open source project and need more resources, let us know how we can help you!


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