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Only pay for what you use. Plans scale to match the power and speed your team needs.
Start building private or public projects for free.




  • 2,500 free credits / week
  • Run 1 job at a time
  • Build Linux projects
  • 3 days of build history


Starting at


  • Up to 25 users
  • Run 5 jobs at the same time
  • Build Linux and macOS projects
  • $8 / user / month
  • Starts at 25,000 credits for $15
  • 15 days of build history
  • Standard support
  • Premium support available


Starting at


  • Unlimited users
  • Scale to meet demand
  • Build Linux, Windows, and macOS projects, with access to larger machines
  • $15 / user / month
  • Starts at 25,000 credits for $15
  • Minimum seat purchase: 5
  • 365 days of build history
  • Standard support
  • Premium support available


  • Build on XL machines
  • Additional machine types, including GPU
  • Flexible billing options

The power and flexibility you need to go fast.

Plans scale to match your team size and compute needs.

Team size

Starts at $8/user/mo

Engineering time is too valuable to waste on waiting for machines. Give your team access to the tools they need to release better code, faster.

Compute Power

Starts at $15 for 25,000 credits

Access a wide range of machines to build your Linux, Windows, and macOS applications. Only pay for the build minutes you use.

Powerful Compute Options

With usage-based plans, your team can choose the machine type (CPU and memory) you need for each job. Usage is calculated based on build minutes and machine type.

Linux vCPU Memory (GB) Credit/Min
Small 1 2 5
Medium 2 4 10
Medium+ 3 6 15
Large 4 8 20
X-large 8 16 40
macOS vCPU Memory (GB) Credit/Min
Medium 4 8 50
Large 8 16 100
Windows vCPU Memory (GB) Credit/Min
Medium 4 15 40
Docker layer caching 200 credits per job run

Build faster on CircleCI

With these changes, a team can go from a

30 mins
build cycle
6 mins
build cycle
30 min

The build process for this team in this example starts at 30 min, when not optimized.

Docker layer caching saves 12 min in build time.

Concurrency and parallelism save another 8 min.

Using faster configurable resources can shave off another 2 min.

By controlling what image your build uses, the team can shave off another 2 min from their build process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Users on our Free plan can build up to 250 minutes per week using their 2,500 free credits.

On the Free plan, users can build with the medium compute option (2 vCPUs with 4 GB of memory) on Linux machines, which uses 10 credits per minute.

We offer a total of four free linux containers ($2,400 annual value) for open-source projects. Simply keeping your project public will enable this for you!

We also offer the Seed plan free (at 1x concurrency) for macOS open source projects. Contact us at for access.

If you are building a bigger open-source project and would like the flexibility of our new plans, let us know how we can help you!

Credits are used to pay for your usage based on machine type and size, and premium features like Docker Layer Caching.

See credit table

Credits are purchased in blocks of 25,000. At the beginning of each billing month, you are charged for your credit package and those credits are added to your account. If you hit below 5% of your package during the month, your account will automatically reload with another credit package (10% of your selected package) until the next billing cycle.

For example, if your team uses 95% of a 100,000 credit package, your account will automatically reload with a 10,000 credit package for $6 ($0.0006 per credit). Then at the beginning of your next billing month, your account will reload with another 100,000 credits.

Credits expire one year after purchase. Unused credits will be forfeited when the account subscription is canceled.

To use Docker layer caching, your account must be on the Performance Plan. If your team is not yet on the Performance Plan, the administrator on your account can upgrade your team via the Plan Overview page under Settings in the application. Then you can enable Docker layer caching at the job level within your configuration file.

Docker layer caching uses 200 credits per job run in a pipeline. For example, if your configuration specifies a workflow with three parallel Docker build jobs, you will be charged 600 credits each time these jobs are run in addition to the compute credits/minute usage.

Once you have a CircleCI account, and if you are the admin on the account, you can pay by logging into the CircleCI application and going to Settings → Plan Overview. From there, you can pay via credit card.

You can also request invoiced billing by talking to the CircleCI Sales team. Payment by invoice requires a spend of $6,000 / year.


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