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Teams that use GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket for source control rely on CircleCI to build, test, and deploy.

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The speed, flexibility, and security you need
to ensure quality code delivery with confidence.


Faster builds mean delivering ideas as quickly as you can think of them. CircleCI consistently beats leading competitors in speed tests. Fine-tune your pipelines with caching, concurrency, test splitting, and more to increase your team’s rate of quality software delivery.

Resource classes

Industry-leading variety of resource classes that speed up jobs and reduce developer wait time. Customize CPU, GPUs, and RAM by choosing one of our pre-configured resource classes to run your builds.


The flexibility to meet your evolving needs: eliminate manual work with automated tooling, prevent queuing with flexible concurrency, and build faster with customizable resource classes.


More data, better building. Access metrics, status tracking, and historical reporting in a visual dashboard and API.

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