At CircleCI we have been a pillar of DevOps since its inception, dedicating ourselves to redefining efficiency in software delivery, and engaging with many of the world’s most effective software organizations. As we’ve watched our industry grow and evolve, we’ve remained committed to our mission of helping the world’s best software organizations improve the way they build, test, and deploy software. Today represents a big step forward in that mission, as we open our platform to partners and community contributors in a first-class way.

Today I am pleased to announce our new Technology Partner Program. With the launch of our partner program, CircleCI is no longer just the preferred DevOps tool of thousands of top engineering organizations, but is now an open platform ready for partners, teams, and developers the world over to build upon.

We’re launching today with partners from across the spectrum of top DevOps tools:


With the launch of this partner ecosystem, we are also thrilled to introduce CircleCI Orbs, the world’s first package manager designed specifically for configuration of software delivery automation. Orbs enable an ecosystem of shareable components now available through our platform. Orbs are “parameterizable” packages that condense commands, executors, and jobs into single, reusable lines of code that unlock new efficiencies for your CircleCI configuration. We’re launching today with an initial set of orbs for cloud projects that enable teams to tap into the power of automation, simplify configuration, and efficiently scale their DevOps organizations.

“CircleCI Orbs are the most exciting thing in the CI world since Docker containers.”

“CircleCI Orbs are the most exciting thing in the CI world since Docker containers,” said Gleb Bahmutov, VP of Engineering at Cypress and an early-access orbs customer and contributor. “From a developer’s standpoint, orbs are a much needed improvement from the regular ‘read the docs, copy/paste example, tweak for 30 minutes until CI passes’ – an outdated workflow. It’s an absolutely incredible experience. CircleCI continues to innovate software delivery automation, and this is just one of their latest winning features.”

With orbs, you can share your preferred CI/CD set-up across teams and projects, and integrate tools and third-party solutions easily with just a few lines. Orbs can be written by members of the development community to solve common problems and help with managing configuration. Sharing and re-using orbs for common use cases frees teams to solve the interesting, unique problems that differentiate their business while offering others within the community solutions that accelerate their CI/CD workflows.


See the possibilities available for all community members accessing and authoring orbs on our platform:

For developers and teams using orbs: For technology partners and teams authoring orbs:
Get up and running quickly on CircleCI by using Orbs to help in writing your configuration file. Reduce friction of adoption by authoring an orb to helps developers integrate with your solution.
Scale efficiently by packaging commonly used techniques to distribute to your teams across many projects. Tap the enormous network of developers using CircleCI to grow your reach.
Easily integrate the rest of your DevOps tools with trusted orbs provided by our technology partners. Be part of a growing community of orb authors and contribute your solutions to help others.

With orbs, it’s now easier than ever before to get started with CircleCI, share solutions with others, and connect your CircleCI workflows with all the other tools you rely on for your DevOps toolchain.