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Private orbs UI

What’s New

You can now interact with private orbs via the CircleCI web app. A list of your organization’s orbs has been added on the Organization Settings page, and new private orb details pages that open in the orb registry have also been added as part of this release. The orbs list shows all public and private orbs authored by your organization / in your organization’s namespace(s), while the private orb details pages open in the Orbs registry and are flagged with a new “private” badge. Please note you will only be able to see these pages if you are logged in and authenticated; if you are not logged in, you will receive a 404 error.

With this update, you may select your preferred way to interact with orbs, which can be either the CircleCI CLI or the CircleCI App, while also being able to easily share private orb information with other users in your organization.

Note: This update will not add private orbs to the searchable Orb Registry, and un-published orbs will not have linked details pages.

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