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Release 3.3.1

Before Upgrading

See the What’s new in server 3.x doc for upgrade notes for this release.

What’s New in Release 3.3.1


  • CircleCI runner can now be used when server is installed behind a proxy.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing some intermittent broken dependency caches.
  • Removed outdated cert trust stores from some images. They were found to be causing access issues to some server installations.
  • Fixed a bug that was affecting runner updates.
  • SSH reruns now work when server is installed behind a proxy.
  • Replaced deprecated GitHub API endoint for teams.

Known Issues

  • Retry with SSH for jobs using the machine executor advertises a private IP address. For this reason, retry with SSH for jobs using the machine executor works as standard for private installations, but for public installs you would need to ensure that you can access the private IP advertised, for example, by using a VPN into your VPC.
  • CircleCI 1.0 builds are not supported. If an attempt is made to run a 1.0 build, no feedback will be available in the application to indicate the cause of the issue. If a build is run on your installation and does not show up in the CircleCI application, users should be directed to use the CircleCI CLI to validate the project configuration and get details of the possible cause of the issue.
  • The KOTS admin console cannot be upgraded if your installation is set up to be behind a proxy. The proxy settings will be deleted and cause the KOTS admin console to break.

To learn more about Server 3.x installation, migration, or operations please see our documentation.

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