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Reusable Commands and Executors, Xcode 10 Image, and macOS Plan Settings Updates

What’s New

  • CircleCI 2.1 config keys are now available for reusing commands, executors, and parameters to simplify your .circleci/config.yml file. See the Reusing Config document for examples and instructions. Refer to the Configuring CircleCI reference for 2.1 syntax requirements.

  • We have released the Xcode 10 image on CircleCI 2.0. Add the following to your .circleci/config.yml file to select that version of Xcode in your jobs:

    xcode: "10.0.0"

Note: A known issue, for which a fix is in-progress, prevents shipping iOS apps built on the Xcode 10 image to the App Store.

  • For Cloud Container macOS plans, there is an improved flow for adding containers on the Plan Overview page. This can be found under Settings > Plan Overview.