CircleCI vs Bitrise

CircleCI, the better CI/CD alternative, offers powerful orchestration and execution across the most popular operating systems.

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Why choose CircleCI over Bitrise?

From customizable environments to fast and flexible builds, CircleCI is the most advanced CI/CD solution on the market.

Build any application on Docker, Windows, Linux, and macOS machines

Customize the execution environment to match production, whether you’re building a website, a mobile app, or systems software, and get a clean environment for every job.


Our YAML configuration-as-code approach means that you can start to iterate and improve rapidly with the benefits of branch-level execution, code collaboration, and traceability.

Faster and more flexible builds

Our powerful build configuration system allows for several layers of controllable caching. Developers can load dependencies from the cache rather than reinstalling them for every build.

Dynamic workflows

CircleCI has more than 13 resource classes that can be assigned to any job, even in the same workflow, allowing for an additional layer of orchestration.

CI/CD for mobile development

Build faster on mobile with CircleCI.

The CircleCI advantage

Reduce build time and fix bugs quickly, knowing your code is secure.

  • One-step integration with GitHub, GitHub Enterprise and Bitbucket

    CircleCI’s integrations let you and your team start quickly while still working with the tools you love on every project.

  • Optimizations that reduce build time and increase developer productivity

    Reduce time from commit to deploy by running jobs concurrently without sacrificing confidence.

  • Improve time to recovery

    Developers can improve efficiency by accessing the tools they need, like SSH debugging, to recover from failed builds quickly.

  • Security as a top priority

    Move fast, without breaking things. CircleCI protects sensitive information across your delivery pipeline from source code, environment variables, runtime environment, and artifacts.

  • Optimize compute and storage for your specific use case

    Dependency caching, workspaces, and Docker layer caching give you control over how data is stored and shared within your CircleCI pipelines.

“Thanks to CircleCI, which safely and efficiently covers the development processes, including building and deployment, we can focus on product development. CircleCI serves as a wonderful partner to streamline product development and enhance product quality for us.”

Tomoaki Otsuki
Front-end Engineer at LINE

“Cost reduction related to CI tool development and operation has allowed engineers to focus on improving product quality.”

Kunio Okita
Manager, SWET Group at DeNA

“Previously, we had to wait more than an hour each day for builds. But changing to the Performance plan totally eliminated that waiting time.”

Jumpei Miyata
Engineer at Cybozu