Automate deployments with
CircleCI orbs

A fast, out-of-the-box solution for integrating with AWS Lambda, GCP, Kubernetes,
and other deployment services.

Deployment solutions that are built for the cloud

  • Deployment agnostic

    Whether your team deploys to AWS, GCP, Azure, Heroku or other cutting edge technologies, CircleCI orbs help you automate and streamline deployment.

  • Clear version management

    Orbs update automatically to keep your pipeline running smoothly. You can also opt to pin an orb to a specific major, minor, or patch version for more manual control.

  • Increase organizational efficiency

    Orbs help you ensure consistency and easily roll out changes across your organization. With orbs, you can quickly share deployment patterns within your team, your company, or across your community.

CircleCI deployment orbs in your configuration

Execute pre-configured operations in your CircleCI pipelines using orbs.

Diagram of pre-configured operations in your CircleCI pipelines using deployment orbs.

How does CircleCI support deployment?

Deployment to cloud services