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Release 2.0.0    

CircleCI 2.0 is a completely updated CI/CD platform that starts every run with a clean image which is automatically provisioned just-in-time for Linux jobs on the CircleCI application installed in your private cloud. The CircleCI 2.0 platform includes significant performance, stability, and reliability improvements along with first-class Docker support, Workflows (pipelines), Resource Allocation, and Contexts. The Management Console (Replicated) also includes new options for enabling 2.0 Builders and appropriate default settings.

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Server Images

Release 1.48.5    

  • Addresses an issue with CloudWatch metrics not being reported correctly.
  • Address an issue with some build output being truncated in the UI.

Release 2.0.1    

  • Fix issue where /etc/hosts was not being applied properly to every container.
  • Add ability to configure VM instance type in AWS EC2 when configuring the VM Service in the Management Console.

Release 1.48.4    

  • Addresses an issue with CloudWatch metrics not being reported correctly. UPDATE: some customers report this has not addressed their CloudWatch problems. The next release will have a new fix.

Release 1.48.3    

  • Addresses an issue for installations pointing at (rather than an instance of GitHub Enterprise) that prevented those installations from adding new projects.

Release 1.48.2    

  • Fixes a bug that was causing lists of builds to be truncated in some circumstances.
  • Fixes a bug where certain configurations of GitHub were not syncing email addresses properly.
  • Fixes a bug where some users were seeing a beta UI that should have not have been showing up.
  • Various minor UI fixes.

Release 1.48.1    

  • Fixes a bug in new installs that prevented the first user from becoming an Admin.
  • Fixes a bug with using the built-in Heroku deployment support.

Release 1.48.0    

  • New Projects list in the Admin section gives you an overview of all projects across your entire installation of CircleCI Enterprise.
  • New onboarding flow – new users will be prompted with a list of projects to follow drawn directly from their GitHub account.
  • New option for users to choose “My builds” or “All builds” when viewing lists of builds.
  • New JIRA integration for creating issues from a Build Page - configured under Project Settings.
  • Option to externalize the underlying persistance storage (Postgres and Mongo) - talk to your CircleCI contact for details.
  • Improved support for snapshot backup and restore via the Admin Console.
  • Various performance improvements and minor bug fixes.

Release 1.47.2    

This is a security update to prevent logging temporary access tokens in build output. Those access tokens would have allowed a user to do a PUT request to overwrite an existing artifact only if all of the following were true:

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Release 1.47.1    

A minor maintenance release, primarily to improve the single-box installation process for new trials of CircleCI Enterprise. Also, we have now follow advice from GitHub to not check if emails in GitHub Enterprise are “verified” — we will continue to check verified status if you are using If you have reason to change “verified” checks on your users’ emails let us know.