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Release 2.14.00

What’s New in Release 2.14

This release contains service migrations for contexts and is a required upgrade. The following updates and fixes are also of note:

Fixed: Pre-allocated VMs not being used. Customers reported that jobs using machine executor and setup_remote_docker were continuing to spin up (and terminate) new VMs at runtime instead of the pre-allocated pool.

Fixed: Unable to build in AWS region eu-west-2.

Updated: The title of the Builds page in the CircleCI application was changed to Jobs in several places to better reflect the structure of builds.

Updated: Contexts are now checked for unique naming across your installation of CircleCI instead of just within an organization. You will no longer be able to create duplicate context names within an account. Existing duplicates will be honored by the system, but should be changed to avoid future collisions. Please see the Contexts documentation for further information.

Updated: The test-results services cleans up the /tmp directory on restart and the JVM heap size increased from 256m to 512m.

Known Issue(s)

When a saved context is removed during the build graph phase it can cause a silent failure during job execution.
When using the none storage driver, the cache will not be saved. This means that you currently cannot use caching in CircleCI when you are using the none storage driver.

Migration Tools: The 1.0 migration center was updated with additional content and helpful tools to migrate projects from CircleCI 1.0 to 2.0.

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