Today GitHub announced they are extending Actions to include CI/CD. We’ve known this was coming for some time, and we’re welcoming GitHub, our long-time partner, to the CI/CD space.

Continuous integration and continuous delivery are mission-critical for software teams. Your CI/CD pipeline is the heart and control center of your delivery pipeline. And while engineering teams are embracing DevOps and digital transformation, the world is becoming increasingly more complex and interconnected. Security is shifting left to dev, and testing is shifting right to production. The rise of serverless, deployless, GitOps, NoOps, and a dizzying number of perceived shifts in delivery are challenging for any team to keep up with (is it the future yet?).

We also know that developers, and innovation, thrive in open ecosystems. No single vendor can model the complexity or possibility of what will be built today, let alone tomorrow. When everything is moving faster, you have to be flexible and ready to adapt. When teams get locked into toolchains, no one wins.

CI/CD is a hard problem to solve. We have over nine years of experience helping teams move from idea to delivery, and in that time we’ve seen many teams enter and leave the CI/CD market, as well as entrants from all of the big cloud players. Over half a billion builds later, we’re in this space for the long haul, and we’re here to build the best product, team, and service for our customers.

In the announcement of our $56M Series D two weeks ago, we previewed our plans for CircleCI and our customers. Here are the four areas we outlined:

-Continue our laser focus on CI/CD. Our top priority is making the CI/CD process scalable, performant, and intelligent. We just yesterday launched Windows execution environments, in addition to our previous support for Docker, Linux, Android, and macOS. We are also investing heavily in resource classes, and pipeline and workflow flexibility, so that teams have as much power and control over their CI/CD process as possible.

-Invest in making CircleCI flexible to use with your preferred tools and continue our path to extensibility via orbs and our API. The best developers shouldn’t work in silos, and neither should your tools. We will continue to build out integrations around your favorite code storage options, and create open, extensible endpoints and opportunities for configuration sharing via orbs. Connect to all of the tools and services your team needs to move quickly, safely.

-Surface our 9+ years of data to provide more analytics and insights as to the health of your delivery pipeline. We have a wealth of data on how code moves from idea to delivery, and we plan to bring it to life. We plan to harness that data, and make it possible to access more build metrics, and ultimately, create intelligent automation for your pipeline.

-Be the best tool for developers, with the controls enterprise teams need. Developers are at the core of our product, and we want to make the delivery pipeline a seamless experience. As we continue to grow with our customers, we will also invest in the controls large teams need, as well as the support, guidance, and professionalism you expect from pro tools.

Today, we run 30M+ jobs per month and growing, on Windows, Docker, Linux, and macOS, in the cloud or behind your firewall. We have a 250+ person global team of product, engineering, support, and account management, in San Francisco, Boston, Denver, Toronto, Tokyo, and Europe coming soon, with 30% of our team working remotely around the world. We think CI/CD, and the success of your team in going from idea to delivery, is so important, that it’s all we do.