Build Environments

Customize your execution environment to match the needs of your software using any Docker image, a Linux VM, a Windows VM, or a macOS VM.


Run your jobs in any Docker image

Each job on CircleCI can specify any Docker image as the runtime environment, including support for private images. Use one of our (pre-built images for most popular languages) or use your own image hosted on Docker Hub or other accessible registry.

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  • Public or private images

    Pull any public image or add authentication credentials to run jobs in your own private images.

  • Support for all common registries

    Supports most common registries including Docker Hub, Google Container Registry, CoreOS Quay, and Amazon ECR.


Run any job in a fresh Ubuntu virtual machine

CircleCI provides a set of pre-configured VMs with different versions of Docker and a host of common tooling pre-installed.

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  • Pre-provisioned, fresh every time

    Avoid VM spin-up time and get a clean environment for every job. Optional ability to cache and reuse the contents of your VM across jobs.

  • Full Docker CLI support

    Avoid the “Docker in Docker” difficulties and run your `docker` commands in a VM to build and push your images as part of a job.

  • Includes Android App development

    You can automatically build and test your changes for your Android app each time you push new code to your repo on GitHub or Bitbucket. More testing equals fewer bugs.


Efficiently build and test Android apps

Building and testing an Android app isn't easy. CircleCI helps you build and test your Android apps quickly. Avoid 1-star reviews by ensuring that your apps are bug-free the first time.

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  • Get started quickly

    CircleCI preinstalls the Android SDK, a number of SDK packages, and the NDK, so you don't have to.

  • Testing made easy

    Easily set up the Android emulator.


Run your Windows jobs

Run jobs in your pipelines in a Windows environment. Windows jobs run in dedicated virtual machines that are created and destroyed for every job.

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  • Use your favorite Windows tools

    Build with PowerShell, cmd.exe or bash on demand.

  • All your environments, in one DevOps pipeline

    Run Windows, Linux, Docker, and macOS jobs in one workflow.

Apple Platforms

Develop for all Apple devices

Gain the flexibility and control you need to run your Xcode projects efficiently. Run macOS jobs on the same config as your Linux or Android projects. Determine Xcode versions on any job and run an endless combination of Workflows.

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  • Multi-OS output

    Build and test any Apple app for macOS, iOS, tvOS, or watchOS

  • Run jobs on any Xcode version

    CircleCI makes it easy to keep-up with Apple’s updates and ensure dependencies are up to date.

  • Flexibility and control with Workflows

    Run jobs in any combination to match your development process.


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