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Restricted Contexts    

What’s New

CircleCI enables you to restrict environment variables at run time by adding security groups to contexts. Security groups are definied as GitHub teams. After a security group is added to a context, only members of that security group who are also CircleCI users may access or use the environment variables of the context. See the Restricting a Context documentation for details.

CircleCI Orbs General Availability    

What’s New

Orbs are packages of CircleCI configuration shared across projects. Orbs help you simplify YAML configuration, enable you to build on top of CircleCI, and support sharing of standardized configurations across your projects.

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GitHub Checks is now supported    

What’s New

  • CircleCI now integrates with the GitHub Checks API, so you can see the status of your CircleCI workflows under the Pull Request Checks tab in the GitHub UI. For more information, see CircleCI Docs.

Support for Test Splitting with Workflows    

What’s New

The following features and additions are now available.

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Support for Multiple Contexts    

It is now possible to create multiple Contexts in the Organization Settings of the CircleCI app. See the Contexts documentation for details and naming conventions.

CircleCI 2.0 for macOS General Availability    

The release of CircleCI 2.0 for macOS enables your iOS projects to benefit from the significant performance, stability, and reliability improvements in the CircleCI 2.0 platform, including the following new features:

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Docker Layer Caching in Machine Executor    

Docker Layer Caching is now available as a premium feature for the machine executor. Refer to the Docker layer Caching in Machine Executor section for instructions.

Scheduled Workflows    

This feature enables Workflows to run on a configurable schedule. Refer to the Scheduling a Workflow section of the Orchestrating Workflows document for instructions and examples. Reference information for syntax is available in the triggers section of the Writing Jobs With Steps document and answers to common questions are documented in the Workflows section of the Migration FAQ.

Release 2.0.0    

CircleCI 2.0 is a completely updated CI/CD platform that starts every run with a clean image which is automatically provisioned just-in-time for Linux jobs on the CircleCI application installed in your private cloud. The CircleCI 2.0 platform includes significant performance, stability, and reliability improvements along with first-class Docker support, Workflows (pipelines), Resource Allocation, and Contexts. The Management Console (Replicated) also includes new options for enabling 2.0 Builders and appropriate default settings.

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Server Images


This feature enables sharing of global environment variables across projects. Refer to the instructions and examples in the Setting Contexts document and the Job Contexts Example section of Orchestrating Workflows.