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Server Release 4.4.0

Before upgrading

See the CircleCI server 4.4 release notes and upgrade guide for this release.

Vault is being deprecated and will no longer be supported in server 5.0. Refer to our script for steps to migrate to Tink.

What’s new in Release 4.4.0

The v4.4 release introduces the availability of OIDC tokens in jobs. Improvements to runner support including access to machine runner 3.0, rerun with SSH for container runner (open preview), and the introduction of the self-hosted runner UI in the web app. New configuration options available in values.yml are detailed below.

New features

  • CircleCI provides OpenID Connect ID (OIDC) tokens in environment variables. A job can be configured to use these tokens to access compatible cloud services without long-lived credentials being stored in CircleCI.
  • Machine runner 3.0 for improved setup, usability, and maintainability.
  • The ability to rerun job with SSH option for container runners is in open preview.
  • The Self-hosted runner UI is now available in the CircleCI web app. This includes a UI for creating and managing your runner resource classes.


  • You can now create and manage your own secrets for the following values: Nomad mTLS (CACertificate, certificate, and privateKey), CircleCI server license, and Vault token.
  • You can now configure CPU and memory limits for all services in your values.yaml.
  • nodeSelector, nodeAffinity and toleration are now globally configurable in your values.yaml.
  • The runner-admin and context-service user’s access scope has been reduced for improved security. User passwords can now be rotated as required.
  • The PostgreSQL image is now configured without LLVM to avoid errors with use of JIT.

New services

New services introduced with this release:

  • oidc-service
  • oidc-tasks-service
  • web-ui-runners

Database migrations

The following databases will run migrations when upgrading to this version:

  • branch_service
  • domain
  • permissions

Known issues

  • Vault may not refresh its client token after a month of uptime. Migrate to Tink to resolve this issue.
  • Retry with SSH for jobs using the machine executor advertises a private IP address. For this reason, retry with SSH for jobs using the machine executor works as standard for public installations, but for private installs you would need to ensure that you can access the private IP advertised. For example, by using a VPN into your VPC.
  • CircleCI 1.0 builds are not supported. If an attempt is made to run a 1.0 build, no feedback will be available in the application to indicate the cause of the issue. If a build is run on your installation and does not show up in the CircleCI application, use the CircleCI CLI to validate the project configuration and get details of the possible cause of the issue.

To learn more about Server 4.4 installation, migration, or operations please review our documentation.