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Update to address CVE-2016-5195    

We have released patches to our AMIs and other infrastructure to address CVE-2016-5195. We recommend all CircleCI Enterprise installations follow the instructions below to update both their Services box and their Builder fleet.

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Server Images

Release 1.46.4    

  • Fix for a bug that stopped certain CloudWatch metrics from working.

Release 1.45.1    

  • Fix for an issue that was causing builds to fail that were triggered by users with a github account but no circleci account.

Note: we are shifting our versioning to better reflect the current release semantically.


Release 0.2.45    

  • PR-only builds - We have added functionality to only run builds when a pull request is open. To enable this functionality you can navigate to “Advanced Settings” for your project and enable the “Only build pull requests” option.
  • Chrome notifications - see the docs
  • Fixed a bug where builds triggered by people who don’t have seats in CircleCI Enterprise were not running. They now should run as before.
  • Some UI changes to make updating data in the web interface more consistent.
  • Reliability improvements by changing retry logic in various places.

Release 0.2.43    

New Feature: The maximum size of files that you can upload for caching during builds has been fixed to 5G. The size is now bumped 20G by default on CircleCI Enterprise and customers can also override the default value to even larger size.

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Release 0.2.44    

Bug fix: We’ve fixed a bug that --branch option was missing when --single-branch is used.


Release 0.2.42    

New Feature: Custom base URL for version control webhooks. When a new project is added, CircleCI will add a webhook to the GitHub repository of the project. With this new feature, you can override the default webhook base URL from the System Settings page under the Admin tools (available to designated administrative users). This feature is useful when your instance is behind firewall or other proxy and cannot directly receive webhooks from GitHub.


Release 0.2.41    

This release fixes a bug in the URL structure used to serve build artifacts.

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Release 0.2.38    

  • Please Note: If you are using OS X builds you will need to run a manual migration as part of this release. After upgrading you will need to run this in a REPL: (circle.backend.model.esxi-vm/run-migrations!). Please talk with your account manager if you need further instructions.
  • The Admin Users page now has links to the builds of each user.
  • The API has a new endpoint /api/v1/admin/licensing that returns information about the number of seats available, number being used, when the license will expire, and how many inactive users there are in the system.
  • Fixed a bug where links to the documentation broke.
  • Various small bug fixes and UI improvements.

Release 0.2.36    

Please make sure that you are using the latest and before you upgrade to this release:

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