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Granular control over fork PR builds    

It is now possible to control whether to run builds for pull requests coming from forks and whether to pass the secrets from the main project to the fork on such builds, via two separate settings. Check out the Advanced Settings tab for your project for more details.

Improved code signing flow for OS X builds    

It is now possible to upload provisioning profiles under the ‘Permissions’ section of your OS X project settings. Once uploaded, we will automatically import the profiles during your OS X builds. Profiles are encrypted at rest on the CircleCI side.

This update removes the need to keep the provisioning profiles checked into your repository and simplifies the setup of code signing for new OS X projects.

Emails now link you to your 'Failing Command'    

Interactive ‘Build Timing’ graph    

We have added functionality to click through the ‘Build Timing’ graph to access different sections of the build.