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Autocommit and Config Editor Now Live    

What’s New

Autocommit is a new feature that allows you to commit a sample language-specific config direct to a new branch on your repo when adding a project, making it even quicker to start building on CircleCI. You can also edit the config prior to committing. These features are in addition to the option to manually commit a config file.

Dynamic Language Sidebar on Project Setup    

What’s New

When adding a new project to CircleCI, the project dashboard sidebar now dynamically displays language-specific docs and guides to help you get started quickly and get the most out of the service.

Administrator Permissions Changes    

What’s New

CircleCI is making changes for a stricter permissions access. Going forward only GitHub administrators will be able to view and access the following pages in the CircleCI application:

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Manage Contexts With the CLI    

What’s New

You can now show, create, delete and list Contexts via the CircleCI CLI. Run circleci update to get access to this new Context functionality.

Dev tools

New UI navigational breadcrumb Now Includes Project and Branch Name    

What’s New

Project and branch names are now included in the navigational breadcrumb trail in the new UI, placing essential pipeline information in view and making it quicker and easier to navigate to the pages you need.

Improved Artifacts Hosting    

What’s New

The way build artifacts are hosted is changing to improve performance. Read our Discuss post for further details.

Pipelines Functionality Rollout    

What’s New

From March 9, 2020, CircleCI will begin to enable pipelines for all projects. A pipeline contains all of the workflows (and the jobs inside those workflows) that CircleCI runs after a trigger on your project. A pipeline can be triggered by a pull request, a commit, or even an API call. Read more on our Discuss post.

API v2 Insights Endpoints Available at Job Level    

What’s New

Get job run data, including status, credits, and duration, for each individual job within a workflow. More info here.

Release 2.19.00    

What’s New in Release 2.19.00


  • Before upgrading to Server v2.19 your Nomad launch configuration must be updated by following this guide. Server v2.19 uses Nomad version 0.9.3, so if you have externalized Nomad, contact your support engineer before upgrading.

New Features

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Server Images

Machine XL, Machine 2XL, Windows 2XL Resources Now Available on Performance Plan    

What’s New

The following resource classes are now available to customers on the Performance plan: XL and 2XL for the Machine executor, and 2XL for the Windows executor.