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Configuration Sources can be used to create GitHub App Triggers in Project Settings UI     

For projects that integrate with CircleCI’s GitHub App, you can now specify a custom configuration source when creating a GitHub App trigger.

This enables you to use modular configuration files within the same project (ie. a build-and-test.yml and a deploy.yml that have different definitions).

Environment details now available in Releases UI    

Users can now track changes in their systems across their various development environments in our Releases UI, which is in open preview. With this update, users can see which environment a release is associated with, what version of a component is in different environments, and the latest version of every component within a single environment.

Organization joiners can now link their VCS during onboarding    

Edit configuration sources in Project Settings    

Users who integrate with CircleCI’s GitHub App can now edit their configuration sources in Project Settings –> Configuration.

Artifact uploads now happen in parallel    

When using the built-in store_artifacts step in a job, CircleCI now parallelizes the upload of individual files instead of uploading them sequentially to reduce the time that it takes for the entire upload operation to happen.

Server Release 4.4.0    

Before upgrading

See the CircleCI server 4.4 release notes and upgrade guide for this release.

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Runner 3.0.18    


  • Fixed a bug where the Task lifecycle and service container steps appear to run indefinitely, even after the task has already completed.

Upgrade to Windows resource classes    

Windows resource classes have been upgraded to use faster and more recent hardware.

Changes to checkout command     

The built-in checkout command is being updated to use a different “clone” method to accelerate code checkout.

See our community forum for more details.

Project Settings UI uses SHA256 fingerprints instead of MD5    

The CircleCI Project Settings UI now displays the SHA256 fingerprints of SSH keys instead of MD5 fingerprints. Users can now specify a SHA256 fingerprint in addition to MD5 in their CircleCI config when adding additional SSH keys to their build.

Note: The CircleCI APIs for managing deploy, user, and additional SSH keys have been updated to accept SHA256 fingerprints. All changes are backwards-compatible.