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Auto-generated config indicates that it was triggered by CircleCI    

The pipeline that creates an auto-generated configuration file now shows up as “Triggered by: circlebot” in the CircleCI UI. This change is only applicable to users of the CircleCI GitHub App integration.

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Fixed indefinite loading screen     

There was a bug that caused the UI to display a loading “spinner” indefinitely. This happened with no clear indication that the page would not be presented when you visited a job URL while unauthenticated or for a project you’re not authorized to view. We have fixed this by directing unauthenticated or unauthorized users instead to a 404 error.

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Redundant headers removed from UI    

The CircleCI UI no longer shows redundant instances of the phrases “All Pipelines” and “Dashboard”.

Commit and off-site links now open in a new tab on workflow details page    

"Legacy" jobs view no longer shown in UI for projects that integrate with GitLab or GitHub App    

A link to the “legacy” jobs view that was empty for for projects that integrate with GitHub App or GitLab is no longer shown in the UI.

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Orgs integrated with GitLab or GitHub App orgs can be renamed    

Orgs integrated with GitLab or the CircleCI GitHub App can be renamed in Organization Settings. Renaming organizations can only be done by users with the Organization Admin role.

Triggers tab now uses consistent language    

The “Triggers” tab in Project Settings for orgs that integrate with CircleCI’s GitHub App now uses consistent language of “Trigger Name” everywhere instead of mismatching language between “Trigger Name” and “Trigger Source”.

Bug fixed when "tags" is in commit message    


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getAllInsightsBranches API response fixed    

Before: The getAllInsightsBranches API returned org-id and project-id as null.

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End-of-life of `notify` feature     

The deprecated notify feature will be end-of-life on or after Feb 1, 2024. See our community forum for more details.