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Release Agent + Releases UI in Open Preview    

Customers can now install our release agent in their kubernetes cluster to get org-wide visibility into all components and releases via our Releases UI. Our agent also integrates with Argo Rollouts to give customers more visibility and control over their progressive releases and use analysis runs to fully automate their release process based on observability metrics. Check out our docs to learn more!

Error summarization experiment available in the web app    

Upon encountering a failed step, users now can solicit guidance at the press of a button. This takes away the need to copy and paste the error message into your favorite search engine to find out what the problem might be and how to fix it.

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VS Code extension support for Gitlab and Github App projects    

It is now possible to monitor Gitlab and Github App projects through the VS Code extension. At this stage, these projects are not detected automatically by VS Code, but they can be selected manually through the settings page.

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Arm support for Docker executor now Generally Available    

ARM support for CircleCI’s Docker executor is now generally available. These resource classes have twice the RAM as x86 Docker resource classes.

To get started today, visit our community forum.

Config Policies for CircleCI Cloud    

Config Policies, powered by Open Policy Agent(OPA), are generally available for Scale plan customers. Config policies create peace of mind for platform and devops teams by enforcing granular pipeline controls related to orbs, resource classes, contexts, or anything else in config. Learn more about config policies.

Default sort and search added to Contexts    

Contexts are now easier to find and review. Quickly locate a context by searching its name or scrolling the alphabetized list.

SSH metadata for config policies    

What’s New

Customers on the Scale plan can now write config policies that govern SSH reruns. For example, you could create a policy to prevent access to specific contexts during SSH reruns. See the docs for further information.

GitLab Self-managed support    

What’s New

GitLab self-managed support is now generally available. If you host a GitLab self-managed VCS instance that is not behind a firewall, you can now run pipelines from your self-managed repositories.

For more information see the docs.

Re-run failed tests only (preview)    

What’s New

We have initiated a preview of a “Re-run failed tests only” option for workflows. This new option is similar to “Re-run workflow from failed,” but instead of executing all tests in the job, including tests that passed, only failed tests are executed again. “Re-run failed tests only” helps shorten time-to-feedback when a workflow has flaky tests.

Learn more about re-run failed tests only in the docs.

GitLab Self-managed support open preview    

What’s New

GitLab Self-managed support is now available for open preview. If you host a GitLab Self-managed VCS instance that is not behind a firewall, you can now trigger pipelines from your self-managed repositories.

For more information see the docs.