To improve speed to market, dev teams have begun to move from automating their testing to the next stage of DevOps maturity - automating their deploys. While this might seem like a daunting step, we’ve been building a new set of orbs specifically designed to help teams make this big transition by adding just a few lines of pre-packaged code to their config. By simplifying the process of automating deploys, teams can ship new features faster and take advantage of cutting-edge technology without having to overhaul their existing infrastructure.

Teams that automate their deploys can ship code to market faster. So why doesn’t every team simply auto deploy? There are a few key roadblocks that keep teams from setting up their CI/CD pipelines to deploy automatically. First, code coverage. Teams that don’t feel confident in their code won’t - and shouldn’t - automate their deploys. To address this issue, we’ve put together test-specific orbs to help teams determine their code coverage and where their tests are lacking. Check out our post on test-driven development for more of our thoughts on how to write the most useful tests.

Once teams feel confident in their code coverage, they often get stuck when it comes time to actually automate their deploys, as not all CI/CD tools let you deploy to modern services like AWS ECS, AWS Serverless, or Google Cloud Run. And, when you have to write those integrations yourself, it can take hours of development time. We designed our deployment orbs to overcome this roadblock. You can use an orb to deploy directly from your CI/CD pipeline to any testing or production environment, and the setup process takes minutes rather than hours. Each orb is specifically designed to meet the needs of modern teams - providing seamless, out-of-the-box solutions to integrate with cutting-edge technology, and helping teams reach new levels of DevOps maturity.

Learn how to use an orb to automate your deploys to popular services:

Deploy to cloud services with these orbs:

Install the Heroku CLI and deploy applications to Heroku.

AWS CodeDeploy
Deploy applications to AWS CodeDeploy.

Amazon ECS
Supports the EC2 and Fargate launch types and Blue/Green deployment.

Cloud Foundry
Push and deploy applications to Cloud Foundry.

AWS SAM Serverless
Build, test, and deploy your AWS serverless applications on CircleCI utilizing the AWS Serverless Application Model.

Google Cloud Run
Build and deploy stateless images to Google Cloud Run as serverless applications.

Deploy to Kubernetes with these orbs:

OpenShift (RedHat)
Automate the build, deployment, and management of Kubernetes applications.

Find, share, and use software built for Kubernetes with Helm Charts.

Centrally deploy, run, and manage your large enterprise’s multi-cluster Kubernetes deployments across all of your environments.

Detect vulnerabilities and misconfiguration drifts early on in development when you run Kubernetes clusters.

Google Cloud GKE
Deploy a Kubernetes cluster and update production code in seconds from your CI pipeline.

Azure AKS
Ship faster, operate with ease, and scale confidently with Azure Kubernetes Service.

Amazon EKS
Deploy, manage, and scale containerized applications using Kubernetes on AWS.

Automate the release steps of your workflow, creating a 100% repeatable deployment process for every state in your pipeline.

Provides a framework for building GitOps workflows with Docker and Kubernetes.

VMware Code Stream
Release higher quality applications and IT code faster while reducing operational risk.

A collection of tools for working with Kubernetes on CircleCI.

Rafay Systems
Deploy a Kubernetes Cluster from CircleCI using the Rafay Systems Platform.

Browse our other deployment orbs:

Enable a preview of any cloud infrastructure changes to be made to a Pulumi stack.

Deploy your application to the Convox platform as part of a CircleCI workflow.

Simplify deployments with Spinnaker.

Generate MPV-quality apps that are instantly deployable to CircleCI.

Integrates CloudShell Colony into your CI/CD pipeline. You can use the available build tasks to create a sandbox from any blueprint, start your tests and end the sandbox when finished.

Push Drupal and WordPress code to Pantheon Dev and Multidev Environments.

Surface all references to feature flags in your code in your CI/CD process.

Salesforce SFDX CLI integration for CircleCI. Easily create CI/CD pipelines for your Salesforce integrations.

What our partners are saying

Rayn Veerubhotla, Director of Hybrid Partnerships at Google Cloud says:

“By launching these new [orbs], CircleCI is enabling developers to further streamline and simplify their experience on Cloud Run, ultimately helping businesses bring new services and products to their customers more quickly.”

Cameron Gray, Co-Founder at Convox described his experience building a deployment orb:

“Working with CircleCI to build the Convox orb was so easy and powerful. With the Convox CircleCI orb our customers are able to build an application, run their tests, and deploy to Kubernetes clusters running on multiple clouds all with a single workflow, which will save time for users to do what matters most.”

What you can do

Is there something else that you would like to do with deployment that isn’t available from an orb? Orbs are open source, so adding functionality to an existing orb is just a matter of getting your PR approved and merged. Check out all of the available orbs in the orbs registry. Do you have a use case that you feel stands apart from the current set of deployment orbs? You can author one yourself and contribute it to the community. We’ve even published best practices for creating automated build, test, and deploy pipelines for orbs (part 1 and part 2) to help you along your way.

To build confidence in your deployment process, start using orbs to test code coverage, easily integrate with third-party tools, and automatically deploy to your preferred testing or production environment. Rather than spending time developing integrations and complex deployment processes yourself, use orbs to easily automate your deploys.

Start building on CircleCI with deployment orbs.