CircleCI and JFrog

Streamline your DevOps workflow with CircleCI and JFrog for faster, more secure software testing and deployment.

Unlock the full potential of your DevOps workflow with CircleCI and JFrog

Automate your build process

Integrate CircleCI with JFrog via the Artifactory orb to resolve build dependencies and make artifact management easy.

Speed up deployments

Deploy your CircleCI builds via the JFrog CLI to Artifactory, along with extensive build information.

Enhance security and compliance

JFrog’s Xray can identify vulnerabilities in your Artifactory instance by providing complete visibility into software artifacts.

CircleCI is the tool of choice for modern engineering teams

Built for scale

Customizable compute, test splitting, Docker layer caching, and dependency caching are powerful tools for speeding up builds. Over 25 configurable resource classes across Linux and macOS allow you to optimize and scale your pipelines.

Unmatched security & compliance

CircleCI is FedRAMP certified and SOC 2 Type II compliant. All data is encrypted at rest and all source code is transmitted via secure protocols. Audit logs, OpenID Connect, third-party secrets management, restricted contexts, and config policies give you complete control of your pipelines.

Extensible & powerful

Package, ship, and re-use config with thousands of public orbs on CircleCI or create a private orb for your organization. Access our API to automate your build, test, and deployment processes, and use webhooks to receive real-time notifications for pipeline events.

By developers, for developers

Easy setup with no manual installation, Docker-native support, re-run with SSH, and flaky test detection enable you to move fast without sacrificing quality. Check out what we’re building next.

Integrations for every job

Config you can package, ship, and re-use.
Seamlessly automate your entire CI/CD pipeline with orbs.

CircleCI users love the flexibility, control, and ease of our platform