CircleCI vs GitHub Actions

High-performing teams choose CircleCI over GitHub Actions for CI/CD

Why choose CircleCI over GitHub Actions?

Customizable, scalable, developer-focused CI/CD.

Validate changes quickly

Our native testing and debugging tools help developers rapidly find and fix errors.

Trusted by leading companies

Top organizations use CircleCI to automate their development cycle so they can focus on building better products.

More powerful automation

Customize operating systems, CPUs, GPUs, memory, and images for each job.

Fix bugs faster

Our native testing and debugging tools do more than just tell you if your checks passed.

  • SSH debugging

    Securely access any job on CircleCI via SSH to debug builds and tests in real-time.

  • Automatic test splitting

    Shorten the feedback loop by automatically splitting your tests across parallel instances of the same job.

  • Test metadata

    Collect XML or JSON-formatted metadata from your CircleCI jobs to locate flaky tests and optimize your test suites.

Adam Nowak
“With CircleCI’s flexible caching capabilities we were able to increase concurrency, deliver value faster, and our feedback loop was faster.”

Adam Nowak
Software Development Practice Lead at Netguru

Andrew Brown
“LaunchDarkly was built on CircleCI. It would have been very difficult to get to where we are now without its simplicity and power.”

Andrew Brown
Senior Software Engineer at LaunchDarkly

Josh Bazemore
“What makes me most confident in CircleCI is knowing that I have full control over the process, and this platform can scale with whatever my needs are.

With CircleCI, things can move through the release process more quickly. It probably means an extra release a day that we couldn't do before.”

Josh Bazemore
Engineering Manager, Tools and Operations at Greenhouse

Adrian Macneil
“Our code is our secret sauce. It’s nice knowing that it’s running on our own servers and network that we have full control over.”

Adrian Macneil
Director of Infrastructure Engineering at Cruise

Powerful, customizable workflows

CircleCI lets you customize the environment for your builds, tests, and deployments.

  • One workflow for every major operating system

    Run your code on Docker containers, Linux VMs, Windows, and macOS all in the same workflow.

  • Configurable CPU, GPU, and memory

    Allocate more power to certain jobs so that building complex code doesn’t slow you down.

  • Extensive APIs

    Trigger workflows, automate approvals, pull historical data, and more all using CircleCI’s powerful APIs.


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