Deploy to Heroku from CircleCI

Experience a simple, modern continuous delivery workflow now.


Test before you deploy. Always.

Heroku revolutionized the way developers think about deployment. Being able to deploy with a simple git push heroku main is an amazing thing. But setting up a proper continuous delivery workflow means automating every step of the process.

With CircleCI whenever you push a commit to master, it will go through a complete continuous delivery pipeline. All of your tests will run with our blazing fast parallelism, and only if they pass, your code will be pushed to Heroku automatically.

Dead simple configuration

The deployment of your application is configured through just a few lines of YAML that are kept safe in your source code. All you need to do to deploy to Heroku from CircleCI is to configure your Heroku credentials in our UI, add a simple config file to your project, and push. You can also easily deploy different branches to different Heroku apps (e.g. one for staging and one for production).