Browser and mobile testing

Easily integrate advanced testing tools into your CI/CD pipeline.

  • Save time and effort on test creation

    Run advanced tests directly from your CI/CD pipeline, without investing extra time and energy into writing the tests yourself.

  • Trust every deploy

    Integrate with the testing tools that work best for your team. Easily stand up reliable, repeatable tests that help you build confidence in every deploy.

  • Technology built on extensive research

    Our testing orbs utilize the best testing tools on the market. Reduce coordination and development time needed for test applications.

Diagram of devices and platforms with browsers selected.

Browser Testing

Run browser tests to quickly identify bugs

Every time you push code, CircleCI automatically runs all of your tests against the browsers you select. Configure your browser-based tests to run whenever a change is made, before every deployment, or on a certain branch.

Diagram of devices and platforms with the phone device selected.

Mobile Testing

Easily manage mobile testing integrations

Integrate advanced mobile testing tools into your CI/CD process with pre-built integrations via orbs. CircleCI orbs allow you to set up repeatable, automated testing processes and ensure your code is fully tested before deploy.

Testing orbs in your configuration

Execute pre-configured testing operations in your CircleCI pipelines using orbs.

Image of how CircleCI works. CircleCI’s orchestration server processes builds based on the YAML file, which contains a Cypress orb that resolves during runtime. Using instructions from the Cypress orb, CircleCI builds an app on Cypress.