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Over the last four years we’ve helped thousands of development teams ship better applications, faster. After hearing from customers that wanted a way to use CircleCI behind their own firewall, we set out to make that possible. We tested CircleCI Enterprise with dozens of customers, and we’re excited to announce that as of today, CircleCI Enterprise is generally available.

CircleCI Enterprise users have access to CircleCI Insights, an interactive visual dashboard that helps make sense of build data, clearly and in real time.

How To know If CircleCI Enterprise is Right for You

The four most common reasons to choose CircleCI Enterprise versus are:

  • GitHub Enterprise Support. Organizations that use GitHub Enterprise are perfect candidates as we offer out of the box integration with GitHub Enterprise.

  • Customized Execution Environment. CircleCI Enterprise allows you to customize the containers that run your builds, creating the exact environment your teams need.

  • Tuning Build Resources. With CircleCI Enterprise you control your build fleet and can tune the CPU and RAM allocated to your containers.

  • Regulatory and Policy Considerations. Organizations may face regulatory requirements that prevent code from leaving their direct control. Other organizations have policies for a variety of reasons that prevent their teams from using cloud-based services that are managed by a third party. With CircleCI Enterprise companies can test, deploy and manage builds, all behind their own firewall.

The Story So Far…

We will continue our mission of making software teams more productive, and we are always looking for new ways to help teams turn code into reliable products. CircleCI Enterprise is our latest addition to our suite of offerings, giving teams another option for taking advantage of the power of automated testing and deployment.

We love to hear how software teams work and what we can do to help you improve the reliability and throughput of your processes, so drop us a line at to share your ideas or to talk with us more about how CircleCI can help your team.