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Starting today, customers using CircleCI behind their firewall can now access all of the features and performance that CircleCI 2.0 delivers, including Workflows, full Docker support, and VM-based jobs. CircleCI 2.0 has been generally available for our cloud customers since early July, and the results for those who have switched to 2.0 have been impressive.

New in 2.0

Orchestrate execution of any number of jobs using flexible rules, including filters for jobs based on git branches or tags, flow control to run jobs in parallel, serially, or in more complex series of fan-in and fan-out configurations, as well as manual gates for jobs requiring human approval.

Full Docker Support
When we decided to re-platform our build system one of our mantras was: If something works in Docker it should work on CircleCI. Teams can now use their own custom Docker image as their execution environment and can have full access to the docker command from within their jobs. We’ve also added Docker layer caching and other optimizations to give your teams the on-demand, Docker-friendly CI/CD system they want. If your teams aren’t using Docker yet, we provide a full suite of ready-made images in all major languages they can use out of the box.

Powerful Tuning Options
With our new custom caching, per-job options for CPU and RAM, advanced parallelism, and cross-job workspaces your teams can optimize their total build times with much more precision than before.

Sharing environment variables across projects within an organization is easy with Contexts. Developers can request jobs run in the org-wide context with a single line in their workflows configuration.

Reconciling Continuousness with Versioned Releases

As a company with continuous at our core, we are believers in rapid iteration, frequent pushes to production, and keeping our overall throughput high. While our cloud-hosted customers see new updates every time we merge to master, we know that most of our customers running their own installation of CircleCI cannot operate that way.

To ensure that we’re delivering a strong platform and keeping you up-to-date with our latest features and fixes we will be publishing a single stable branch on a periodic basis. We will not be issuing separate patch releases for the 1.x.y releases, so our customers on any version prior to 1.48.x will move to the 2.x.y versions next time they upgrade.

In addition, we will now offer more release cadence options for those who want to upgrade more often. If your team is interested in more frequent releases, please contact your account team.

Getting started with CircleCI

If you’re new to CircleCI we encourage you to sign up and give it a whirl. If you’re ready to start operational testing contact us to set up a trial installation of CircleCI behind your firewall.

Those with existing installations of CircleCI should be sure to read the release notes because there are some important migrations that need to be run that will require a short maintenance window. You will also need to speak with your account team about getting on the new release channel and will need to set up a few new settings in your Management Console.

What happened to “CircleCI Enterprise”?

Long-time CircleCI customers will notice that we’re no longer using the term “CircleCI Enterprise” to describe our software. We’ve found that the word enterprise is better used to describe the general needs of companies large enough to have their own internal ecosystem of teams across different business units. While we dropped the word “Enterprise” from the name, we remain dedicated to providing large enterprises the full suite of offerings they need to succeed, regardless of how they deploy CircleCI. This includes our core product as well as our professional account management teams, and our premium support tiers.

We want CircleCI to be the same great product for teams of any size. Whether you use CircleCI in the cloud or install on servers you control, we are dedicated to helping software organizations of all sizes deliver value faster with predictability.