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Today, we are excited to announce not one, but two new offerings!

We spent the better part of 2015 building a better mobile platform. We know software teams don’t just build iOS in a vacuum, it’s generally part of a broader stack. Software teams want to build all of their software on one platform. After acquiring Distiller to help realize our mobile vision, and more than a year in public beta and limited release, CircleCI for OS X is generally available today.

When we announced CircleCI Enterprise in December we provided a secure, scalable way for software teams large and small to use CircleCI behind their firewall. Today we’re proud to announce the expanded offering of ‘any-cloud’ deployment, giving teams the flexibility to choose on-premises or cloud-based configurations. And it’s definitely worth mentioning that CircleCI Enterprise users can also use the secure CircleCI OS X fleet to run their iOS builds.

CircleCI Enterprise

CircleCI Enterprise

CircleCI Enterprise has at its core the same continuous integration and delivery platform trusted by tens of thousands of developers around the world. In addition to the inherent security of operating behind the firewall, CircleCI Enterprise sets a new benchmark in ease of operations and scalability for today’s most innovative and fast-paced software teams.

“We have teams using different technologies and needed a CI platform that could scale to our size and complexity while still putting power directly in the hands of our engineers to configure their builds,” said Jason Riggins, director, production engineering, Manheim. “With CircleCI Enterprise, our devops team spends less time on busy work that bottlenecks our engineers and more time improving productivity.”

CircleCI Manheim Quote

Easily maintained, easily updated, and fully scriptable, CircleCI Enterprise is designed for high-throughput software teams. CircleCI Enterprise pushes the power of build configuration, provisioning of build capacity, and parallelism settings directly to developers, freeing devops teams from manually managing complex configurations like plugins and server capacity. CircleCI Enterprise automatically syncs with GitHub or GitHub Enterprise, allowing a simple set-up even for the most complex teams. CircleCI Enterprise integrates with popular development tools and services in today’s software delivery pipeline, including Docker, without the need to manage conflicting, centralized plugins.

Get started today: CircleCI Enterprise is available for a free, no obligation 30-day trial. If you’d like a more custom implementation or need to run CircleCI behind your firewall, contact us at CircleCI Enterprise or email and we’ll respond quickly.

CircleCI for OS X

[CircleCI for OS X]

Application development speed is critical in today’s competitive landscape, and maintaining this speed is difficult as apps and systems grow larger and more complex. CircleCI for OS X allows iOS developers to build and test code for iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV and Apple Watch apps with significant improvement to the development cycle.

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CircleCI provides more concurrency than any other offer in the market today so teams of any size can build better and scale rapidly. Mobile teams have varied needs to be effective, some teams queue behind web tests, other teams deploy all at once and limited concurrency can slow them down. Flexible pricing plans provide different minute capacities so that individuals or organizations only pay for the minutes they need.

To get started, as a current customer go under account settings -> plan pricing -> update plan -> build on OS X.

With CircleCI for OS X, software teams can:

  • Move Fast: Unparalleled concurrency options, smarter Cocoapods caching, and key dependencies preinstalled bring a fast, functional and flexible experience.

  • Deploy with Confidence: Seamless codesigning, and out-of-the-box deployment capabilities with Crashlytics beta, HockeyApp and TestFairy, means less time configuring mobile CI/CD infrastructure and more time creating software.

  • Understand Build Data, Clearly and in Real Time: Insights, an interactive visual dashboard, enables CircleCI for OS X users to see and understand all builds at a glance and in real time.

  • Turn to First-Class Support: CircleCI is committed to providing the best support for users in all timezones. Updated documentation and a user forum, Discuss CircleCI enables individuals and teams to focus on the right solution and get back to building great apps.

We’re just getting started

With news this big, we’ve got all hands on deck. We’d like to thank all the teams and individuals who worked with us over the past year in our betas and limited releases. Our final product would not be possible without your feedback and support. We continue to welcome and encourage your feedback, and you can count on us to iterate based on what we hear from you. Whether it’s a feature request, a bug report, or you just want to give us an indication that you like the direction we’re moving, we sincerely look forward to hearing from you. As always, you can reach out to us in-app or by emailing