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Release 1.46.5

  • Fix for a bug causing builders to not honor CIRCLE_CONTAINERS_SUBNET when passed in the initialization.
  • Builds with high parallelism were experiencing slow performance on the build detail page in the web UI – this should now be improved.
  • Some emails generated by CircleCI had hard-coded links to These should now point at your installation host.
  • A handful of minor UI fixes.

Update to address CVE-2016-5195

We have released patches to our AMIs and other infrastructure to address CVE-2016-5195. We recommend all CircleCI Enterprise installations follow the instructions below to update both their Services box and their Builder fleet.

If you have any questions or difficulties please contact

Update the Services box:

  1. As always, ensure your data is backed up.
  2. Shut down CircleCI in the Replicated console (or via the CLI).
  3. Update the kernel using the provided install_kernel_master function below.
  4. Restart the machine.
function install_kernel_master() {
    echo '>>> Installing Kernel'
    apt-get update
    apt-get install linux-image-3.13.0-100-generic linux-headers-3.13.0-100-generic linux-image-extra-3.13.0-100-generic
    apt-cache policy linux-image-3.13.0-100-generic linux-headers-3.13.0-100-generic linux-image-extra-3.13.0-100-generic

Update the Builder fleet:

For the builder fleet, update the Launch Configuration to use the updated AMI from the list below:

  • ap-northeast-1 = “ami-59389e38”
  • ap-northeast-2 = “ami-a2e236cc”
  • ap-southeast-1 = “ami-a80fa9cb”
  • ap-southeast-2 = “ami-53241930”
  • eu-central-1 = “ami-5a59a035”
  • eu-west-1 = “ami-e0c78993”
  • sa-east-1 = “ami-3832af54”
  • us-east-1 = “ami-d0396bc7”
  • us-west-1 = “ami-76226916”
  • us-west-2 = “ami-938420f3”

NOTE: The following AMIs are not maintained by CircleCI, but contain a patched version of stock ubuntu.

  • gov-west-1 = “ami-34df6755”
  • cn-north-1 = “ami-92f622ff”

If you are using our Terraform scripts, you can download the new script and run terraform apply. We’ve already updated the scripts to include the new AMIs, so terraform should launch new builders automatically with the patched version, and cycle your fleet.

If you are using a non-AWS environment, use the same method to patch your builders you used to patch the Services box.

If any of the above does not apply to your environment, or you encounter issues with your upgrades please contact:

Release 1.46.4

  • Fix for a bug that stopped certain CloudWatch metrics from working.

Release 1.46.3

  • Fix for a bug that caused UI problems for certain Pull Requests

Release 1.46.2

  • Minor changes to help debug some esoteric issues.

Release 1.46.1

  • Fixed layout problems in Safari on Mac.
  • Fixed issue with tag builds interacting with the Auto-Cancel of Redundant Builds setting.
  • Fixed performance of the build page, including awkward interaction when expanding build steps
  • Fixed environment variables not sorting properly in project settings

Release 1.46.0

  • Note for Admins: we will now block your upgrade if there are pending migrations that need to be performed against your databases.
  • We have changed the default behavior for builds with parallelism set above the current total container count in your build fleet. Previously we would auto-cancel any build with a parallelism above the total number of containers in your fleet. Those builds will now remain in the queue until the fleet is big enough to accommodate their parallelism setting. Builds behind those builds will continue to be bumped ahead, however, so the behavior is somewhat different than normal queuing behaviors, which is a strict FIFO model.
  • New System Settings option to set the maximum parallelism for all projects. This allows you to prevent teams from using more of your fleet than intended.
  • New option to auto-cancel “redundant” builds on a branch - found in the project settings, this new option allows you to set builds on branches other than your default branch to auto-cancel any builds on that same branch already running. This avoids running multiple simultaneous builds on the same working branch if you push several times in quick succession.
  • On the Systems Settings page under Admin you can now enter “Container Tweaks” that will be run whenever containers are started in your build fleet. This feature allows you to make adjustments to the build environment prior to builds running, so you can save time in each build. Note that these tweaks are only appropriate for things you want to apply to the environment for ALL of your builds.
  • We now parse your circle.yml before the build runs and fail if there are errors. Before, the build would start and errors would be surfaced only once they caused a failure in a running build.
  • Fixed a bug preventing artifacts from being generated in some circumstances after a failed build.
  • The Artifacts API now allows cross-origin requests when requesting specific artifacts. In the past you could do this when using the API to get a list of your artifacts but not for downloading specific artifacts. You can now do both with the API.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some cases of triggering builds via the API. If you have had problems triggering builds with the API you may need to recycle your build fleet for this fix to take effect.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause problems if someone’s access was removed from a project in GitHub Enterprise but that person’s token was being used by CircleCI Enterprise. Other users should now be able to continue using the project as expected if the original token’s owner no longer has access.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented builds cancelled from the UI from actually cancelling in a timely fashion.
  • Various design improvements such as better notifications and confirmation dialogs when changing various settings, new links on the build page and builds list to make it easier to link directly to specific containers or parts of your build output, better information for builds marked as “Not Run”, hiding some settings that aren’t applicable to Enterprise customers, and various minor improvements and bug fixes.

Release 1.45.1

  • Fix for an issue that was causing builds to fail that were triggered by users with a github account but no circleci account.

Note: we are shifting our versioning to better reflect the current release semantically.

Release 0.2.45

  • PR-only builds - We have added functionality to only run builds when a pull request is open. To enable this functionality you can navigate to “Advanced Settings” for your project and enable the “Only build pull requests” option.
  • Chrome notifications - see the docs
  • Fixed a bug where builds triggered by people who don’t have seats in CircleCI Enterprise were not running. They now should run as before.
  • Some UI changes to make updating data in the web interface more consistent.
  • Reliability improvements by changing retry logic in various places.

Release 0.2.44

Bug fix: We’ve fixed a bug that “–branch” option was missing when “–single-branch” is used.

Release 0.2.43

New Feature: The maximum size of files that you can upload for caching during builds has been fixed to 5G. The size is now bumped 20G by default on CircleCI Enterprise and customers can also override the default value to even larger size.

To override the default value, you need to run the following in a REPL of Service Box.

(settings/set {:max-file-cache-bytes <max-size-by-bytes>})

To unset the overridden value and use default, run the following.

(settings/unset! [:max-file-cache-bytes])

Release 0.2.42

New Feature: Custom base URL for version control webhooks. When a new project is added, CircleCI will add a webhook to the GitHub repository of the project. With this new feature, you can override the default webhook base URL from the System Settings page under the Admin tools (available to designated administrative users). This feature is useful when your instance is behind firewall or other proxy and cannot directly receive webhooks from GitHub.

Release 0.2.41

This release fixes a bug in the URL structure used to serve build artifacts.

The artifact URL format was recently changed to handle security concerns related to CircleCI’s hosted offering. The security concerns do not affect CircleCI Enterprise customers, but the change caused issues fetching build artifacts in CircleCI Enterprise installations. This release reverts the CircleCI Enterprise artifact format and resolves the issue.

Release 0.2.38

  • Please Note: If you are using OS X builds you will need to run a manual migration as part of this release. After upgrading you will need to run this in a REPL: (circle.backend.model.esxi-vm/run-migrations!). Please talk with your account manager if you need further instructions.
  • The Admin Users page now has links to the builds of each user.
  • The API has a new endpoint /api/v1/admin/licensing that returns information about the number of seats available, number being used, when the license will expire, and how many inactive users there are in the system.
  • Fixed a bug where links to the documentation broke.
  • Various small bug fixes and UI improvements.

Release 0.2.36

Please make sure that you are using the latest and before you upgrade to this release:

As part of this release we’re changing the behavior of artifacts to only serve a whitelisted set of content-types. This means we won’t serve .html files as text/html. This is a security risk on CircleCI Enterprise since artifacts are served on the same domain as the rest of the site – as a result, any user or malicious code used as part of your build can push a specially-crafted artifact and gain control of another user’s account.

If this is an issue, you can override this behavior by setting “Serve artifacts with unsafe content-types” in the admin console. We don’t recommend this, but we’re providing it for backwards compatibility.

This release also includes some changes to container networking. Containers now each use a /24 in the subnet by default.

If this conflicts with your private network, or if you were editing lxc-net manually in order to fix a prior conflict, you can now use CIRCLE_CONTAINERS_SUBNET and CIRCLE_CONTAINERS_SUBNET_NETMASK_LENGTH on the builders to configure those. See “Adjusting Builder Networking” in the configuration section.

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